Using Facebook Effectively For Hotels


Even with your main hotel or budget hostel website being nothing but user-friendly and fluid as possible, rarely will your clients have it in their search history or speed dial ahead of their booking let alone have it as their homepage. Like a socialite, you need to actively meet new travellers and convince them to stay at yours which is a much easier task now than back in the 80s thanks to the power of social media. And what better avenue than good old Facebook which is the sole social media that can boast of a trove of demographic data which can enable you to target your audience. Below are some cheap ways in which managers around the globe are Using Facebook effectively for hotels.

  • Investing in promoted ads

Though the Facebook fan pages are technically free, there are paid ads for serious businesses that can help them reach new clients.

  • Use Facebook demographic data for targeting campaigns

In so doing, you need to have your campaign objectives clear and demographically targeted to achieve any measurable amount of improvement.

  • Link to the visual appeal of Instagram

Back in 2012 when Facebook first purchased Instagram, who knew that this would turn out to be one of the most successful photos based marketing platforms in the world? Today, Instagram boasts 500 million monthly users.

  • Improve guest services and customer care through Facebook messenger for business

This inexpensive platform is the way to go when looking to satisfy every client’s needs from booking to customer service.

  • Encourage your hoteliers to review you and check in on Facebook

Facebook hotel reviews are not that far behind Yelp, TripAdvisor, Google and the like. They may not show up on most search engines or be given as much precedence, but they surely matter to Facebook searches.

  • Get a quality logo designer

You design of the fan page is what will differentiate you from the competition. A well designed and fluid page with all the options presented nicely in a way that the user does not struggle is ideal for conversion. One of the most notable things about your Facebook page is the logo of your hotel. A good designer should know a thing or two about Using Facebook effectively for hotels

It is safe to say that whatever happens on your Facebook page stays there. Hardly will any traffic spill over to your main website even though you have the links there. You need to provide all the information your guests need to make a decision on when and how to book right there or they will move on.

In conclusion, Using Facebook effectively for hotels is the missing cog in your PR machine. Without it, you are as good as doomed, and with it, you stand to make more money and enjoy a higher conversion rate than ever. A good number of the marketing features are non-free but the investment I totally worth it if you are to see profits up. Not only are you able to win new audiences and hence guests but also engage customers and cultivate guest loyalty.

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