Companies Of 2016 In South Wales

This year the top 300 firms in South Wales have been compiled by the Cardiff University, and it was done under the leadership of the profession of this university Brian Morgan. It has ranked the largest companies by their revenue in the most recent audited accounts, and by taking other data like levels of employee, profit margin as well as pre-tax profit. In addition to this, it only lists those organizations which have the headquarters situated in South Wales or a noteworthy trading presence throughout an auxiliary firm. This list provides an excellent and unrivaled study of the companies that by their total size provide an essential element of the economy.

The list consisting of the top 5 companies of the year in the South Wales are given below. The latest published turnover is also added with the name of the enterprise.

1.    Iceland foods £ 2.7 billion: This company started their business in the year of 1970, and till now they have more than 800 outlets in the UK. The Iceland Foods Ltd. is a British supermarket chain, and they offer more emphasis on the selling of the frozen foods along with the ready to eat meals as well as vegetables. They also have non-frozen groceries. They have a Europe-wide trademark for the word Iceland, and this company has a share of 1.8% of the total share of the UK food market.

2.    Admiral Group £ 1.97 billion: The Admiral Group is a motor insurance company, and the headquarter of this company is situated in Cardiff. This company is listed on the London Stock Exchange, and it consists of FTSE 100 index. This company was started in the year of 1990, and till today, they have a very well-built business in South Wales.

3.    GE Aircraft Engine Services £ 1.9 billion: The GE Aircraft Engine Services is also known as one of the best companies for providing the aircraft engine services to their customers. They are well-equipped with all the modern technologies for which they are preferred by a lot of people. They have considered as one of the best companies in this area. GE Aviation is one of the leading companies who offer general, commercial, business as well as military aviation jet and excellent service for the aircraft.

4.    Redrow plc £ 1.15 billion: The Redrow is a company which deals with the house builder along with the core construction. They are listed on the list of London Stock Exchange. They have popularity in the market, but they are working all the time to improve themselves.

5.    Podiatry One – A small start up listing local podiatrists all over the UK is based in Cardiff and make money from advertising 

6.    Dwr Cymru Cyfyngedig £ 75.5 million: Dwr Cymru Cyfyngedig is a company which mainly provides drinking water as well as wastewater service to the people of this area. The activities here are regulated by the Water Industry Act of 1991. They started their company in the year of 1989 and still one of the top enterprises in this area.

These are the top 5 companies of the year in South Wales.  

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