Best Booking Systems for Travel Companies

We live in a world that is advancing in technology by the day. Since the invention of computers they have been applied in many fields such as accounts, science and data management. Different programs have been developed for use in these different fields and the hotel industry has not been left out. Hotels receive mammoth numbers of guests annually and need a reliable system of room booking and management. Choosing the best and most reliable software can be quite a challenge and, therefore, we will review a few of these soft wares and leave you to choose.

  1. Campground Master

This is a reservation software tailored for hotels that offer campgrounds and RV parks and any other hospitality business. The software helps you get rid of forms and papers charts and transition to a paperless computerized method. It simplifies reservation management as it has a special emphasis on ease of use. The software is super easy to learn with a user friendly interface. It can run on most computers with minimal processing power. To check out the features for yourself, the developers offer a free demo after which you can purchase the software for $795 irrespective of the number of rooms you have.

    1. RoomMaster

Developed by InnQuest, roomMaster promises to be the easiest property management system available. It includes front office and property management, reservations, and an online booking engine. Accommodation provider and tour operator Blue Ocean Activities benefits greatly from this as they offer gorge walking activities in Wales. The system shows room availability up to two weeks in advance as well as their rates.It is also a standalone, coming with all the features that it needs to run. There is a maintenance contract that gives you access to all product upgrades as well as giving you a comfortable and stress free experience.

  1. Reservation by Nexus

This software is suitable for small to midsize hospitality businesses such as bed and breakfast, lodges, apartments and hotels. It provides a user centered approach to all the aspects of hotel management such as online booking. To match customer needs it comes with three variable editions. The system is cloud based and what this means is that it can be accessed from all devices with an internet connection and also lacks additional costs. Using its automation module, the business can keep in contact with previous guests by scheduling birthday emails hence encouraging repeat guests.

  1. Booking sync

This system brings simplicity to room booking. It allows you to create professional website which you can customize and also sync it with an app. It has a chat function that enables you to interact with clients. It also has an automated payment method and notification making the user experience even easier.

A suitable software can help any hotel achieve that efficiency in hotel management every owner desires. Most of them vary in cost due to the number of rooms available. However, due to the many developers out there, there are many software suited for all types of hospitality businesses.

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